Russian space agency predicts that Massive 18-ton chunk of China’s Long March space rocket is set to re-enter Earth’s atmosphere over sea near Indonesia

A huge 18-ton chunk of China’s Long March space rock is set to re-enter Earth’s atmosphere within hours, experts say.

The latest estimates project re-entry will take place early on Sunday morning, with most agencies predicting it will emerge between 12.27am and 6.27am UK time.

The European Union’s Space Surveillance and Tracking team say the rocket will arrive at around 2.30am UTC, with the Aerospace Corporation’s estimate coming in slightly later.

Space-Track agrees, saying the Long March fragment should arrive at a similar time.

New photographs captured by telescope emerged tonight as the rocket plummeted across the stars ahead of its anticipated crash to Earth.

It had earlier been predicted that the rocket would re-enter the atmosphere near Indonesia, though the exact location remains unclear.

Beijing has downplayed fears the rocket could crash into an inhabited area and claimed there is a very low risk of any damage.

A Long March-5B rocket launched the first module of China’s new space station into Eart orbit on April 29. Its 18-ton main segment is now in freefall and experts have said it is difficult to say precisely where and when it will re-enter the atmosphere.

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Source: Daily Mail