Paula A. Price on A Letter to My Daughters

Paula A. Price

My dear daughters, here are a few tips I found to strengthen and promote me in life, I pray they help you to “Think Differently and Life Powerfully.”

Develop your lifelong womanhood self: Every little girl has a vision of herself as a woman. She designs her womanhood with her playthings. She becomes mommy, sister, auntie, and friends. Sometimes her teachers and at other times celebrities. When she enters womanhood, she is a mix of all she likes, but usually finds she dislikes herself. That is when she drops everyone she thought to be and finds herself as she was born to be. Build yourself based on yourself.

Adore what makes you, you: Adore is another way of saying love yourself. Before you hate what others criticize and condemn about you, find out if what they dislike is meant to be what will benefit the world and reproduce a wonderfulness that your critics have yet to understand. Don’t throw away or bury the yet to be perfected parts of you because others cannot see beneath its surface.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Paula A. Price