India’s daily coronavirus plague death toll tops more than 4,000 for first time as cases surge across the virus-ravaged country and two more states go into lockdown

For the first time, India has recorded more than 4,000 Covid-19 related deaths as cases continue to surge across the country and two more states go into lockdown.

Saturday’s record of 4,187 deaths takes the country’s official death toll from the virus to nearly 240,000, although the true figure is believed to be much higher.

A further 401,000 new infections were also confirmed in the last 24 hours, meaning India has recorded over 400,000 new cases for three consecutive days.

Two southern states in India became the latest to declare lockdowns, as pressure mounts on Prime Minister Narendra Modi to implement a nationwide shutdown.

At over 300,000, Karnataka’s capital of Bengaluru has the highest active caseload of any Indian city.

But experts warn the worst is still ahead as India’s third largest city buckles under oxygen shortages, overrun hospitals and crowded crematoriums.

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Source: Daily Mail