Hulu and HBO to Dramatize True Story of Christian Texas Housewife Who Butchered Her Friend With Axe on Friday the 13th After Having Affair With Her Husband

Shocking: Candy Montgomery (pictured) killed her friend Betty Gore with an axe on Friday, June 13, 1980, in their hometown of Wylie, Texas, after having an affair with her husband Allan

A Texas housewife who butchered her close friend with an axe in a fit of rage on Friday the 13th after having an affair with her husband is the subject of not one but two upcoming true crime series.

Candy Montgomery killed her friend Betty Gore on June 13, 1980, shocking the small town of Wylie. She left her friend-turned-foe with 41 axe wounds but was shockingly found not guilty of the crime.

Both Elizabeth Olsen and Elisabeth Moss have signed on to play the axe murderer in two different limited series. Olsen, 32, has been cast as the lead in HBO Max’s ‘Love and Death,’ while Moss, 38, will star in the upcoming Hulu series ‘Candy.’

The full story of Betty’s murder and Candy’s subsequent acquittal was featured in Texas Monthly as a two-part series in 1984. The reporting has served as a source for ‘Love and Death.’

Her story: Candy claimed during her murder trial that Betty (pictured) had confronted her about the affair and had attacked her with the axe, forcing her to retaliate in self-defense
Violent: Candy delivered 41 blows to Betty’s body, 40 of which were done while her heart was still beating, but she insisted she didn’t mean to kill her

Candy was a mother and housewife and by all accounts normal and well-liked by the community. In 1977, she and her husband Pat Montgomery moved into their dream house in Wylie, a suburb of Dallas.

Pat provided Candy everything she needed thanks to his job as an electrical engineer at Texas Instruments. She was able to stay home with their son and daughter, and while she didn’t mind being a housewife, she was admittedly bored with her life.

The 28-year-old was also a devout churchgoer and attended the Methodist Church of Lucas, where she struck up a friendship with Betty. Their relationship took an irreversible turn in 1978 when Candy collided with Betty’s husband Allan Gore while playing a church volleyball game.

It was an innocent moment, but Candy thought Allan ‘smelled sexy.’ She had been vaguely talking to her friends about having an affair to shake up her ‘very boring’ and sexually frustrating life with her husband. After bumping into Allan on the volleyball court, she started to fanaticize about having sex with him.

Allan may not have come across as the obvious choice to embark on an affair with. He had a receding hairline and burgeoning potbelly, but they had similar outgoing personalities.

Candy also sensed that he was subtly flirting with her. She came onto him a few weeks after they collided. She slipped into the passenger side of his car after church choir practice and told him that she was attracted to him. Then she got out.

Allan thought about Candy that entire week and how she differed from his wife, who taught elementary school in Wylie and was pregnant with their second child.

Verdict: A psychiatrist determined Candy (pictured with her then-husband Pat Montgomery) suffered from childhood trauma that had triggered her rage. She was found not guilty

Betty didn’t enjoy her job, and she hated being left alone when Allan had to travel for work. Their sex was routine and mechanical, which frustrated her husband.

A week after Candy confessed to being attracted to him, they found themselves alone together following another volleyball game. This time, Allan sat in Candy’s car in the church parking lot.

She bluntly told him that she wanted to have an affair, which took him aback. He said he loved Betty too much and couldn’t do that to his pregnant wife. However, about two or three weeks later, he called Candy on her 29th birthday and asked her to meet him at an auto repair shop in McKinney, Texas.

The two discussed having an affair, both of them agreeing that they loved their respective spouses and didn’t want to hurt them. They spent weeks going over logistics and establishing ground rules. If either of them started showing emotional attachment, they would stop seeing each other.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail, Erica Tempesta