Former NFL Player Jack Brewer Launches Education Program With Liberty University to ‘Get God Back in Our Schools’

(Facebook/Jack Brewer)

The secret to healing, racial reconciliation and returning to our nation’s faith foundation lies in our schools, so says former NFL player Jack Brewer.

“We’ve got to get God back in our schools. I’m a believer in that,” Brewer said in a recent Daily Wire interview.

To do this, the philanthropist and ordained evangelist is launching a faith-based education program called the Serving Institute.

The program, in partnership with Liberty University, will be tailored to delivering the education most schools aren’t offering. Students will learn basics of etiquette, manners, reading and writing, and math: skills that lower-income students, Brewer says, often lack.

The program will also focus on community outreach and cultivating servants’ hearts within the children.

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SOURCE: Charisma News