Millions in Need Amid Ethiopia’s Tigray War, Trans World Radio Calls for Prayer

Image shows a map of Ethiopia with the Tigray Region highlighted. (Photo courtesy of TUBS, CC BY-SA 3.0 <;, via Wikimedia Commons)

In Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region, suffering continues from a civil war that began in November 2020.

According to UN estimates, the fighting has displaced nearly 2 million people. The death toll remains unknown, as the area has been cut off from communication with the outside world. About 4.5 million people need immediate assistance, especially food, as fighting destroyed crops and interrupted last fall’s harvest.

Egide Bandyatulaga, the East Africa Ministry Director for Trans World Radio (TWR) says, “People first of all need to pray for the hostilities to stop. Because there are people who are dying. There are properties which have been destroyed.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News,


  • Pray peace would return to the Tigray region.
  • Pray the love of local Christians would point many to Jesus.