Melinda Gates Lists No Prenup with Bill Gates in Divorce Documents, Declares Their Marriage ‘Irretrievably Broken’

The big question on everyone’s mind when Bill and Melinda Gates announced they are divorcing is whether they have a prenuptial agreement. TMZ reports that in a court filing, Melinda did not list one but did indicate there is a “separation contract,” which is generally hammered out after a marriage hits the skids. There’s obviously a lot at stake: The couple is worth about $125 billion. How it will be divvied up seems to have been decided privately, meaning the April 2022 trial date that was set as a routine matter will likely never come to pass. “Spousal support is not needed,” Melinda’s petition declares. It also suggests chances of a reconciliation are nil: “This marriage is irretrievably broken.”

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SOURCE: The Daily Beast – Tracy Connor