Kenyan Girls, Impoverished Communities Among “COVID Casualties” in Pandemic Fallout

Image courtesy of Kenya Hope.

The term “COVID casualties” describes more than people who die of COVID-19. Kenya Hope’s Joy Mueller says the pandemic-related suffering she saw during a recent trip to Kenya broke her heart.

“People don’t have work; they don’t have money; they can’t buy even the most basic things of life. Some of the other casualties are the children, because of the prolonged time out of school,” Mueller says.

“I was heartbroken to see some of these very young girls we had saved from early marriages – [who] had been in school – now, because of the lockdowns, were married at the young ages of 14 and 15.”

It didn’t take long for a child marriage crisis to surface in Kenya following the onset of a pandemic. Selling a daughter becomes tempting when parents run out of money.

“Especially in rural areas … parents reverted to practicing traditional cultural things, such as circumcising the girls or marrying them off very young,” Mueller says.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Katey Hearth


  • Pray Kenya Hope receives financial resources so it can help church partners get the medical treatment they need.
  • Pray for a spirit of generosity among believers outside of Kenya to help brothers and sisters in need.