David Jeremiah on How the Coronavirus Pandemic Gave Parents a New Sense of Purpose

Rather abruptly, the pandemic forced parents to be an integral part in their children’s education again. Many parents have had to juggle working full-time from their home, searching for jobs, and helping their children keep on top of their remote schooling. While I don’t ever want parents to be suddenly thrown into chaos like that ever again, I do pray that their role in their children’s education continues as kids go back to school and life resumes as normal.

See, while the pandemic has brought many hardships into our lives, the sudden increase in quality time between parents and children is most certainly a silver lining from the height of the pandemic. A Pew Research survey found that over 50% of people who are currently working from home would want to continue to do so even after the pandemic ends. Surely, part of this reason has to do with the fact that many parents are seeing the fruit from more time with their children.

For the first time in decades, parents are now playing an outsized role in the education of their children. This comes at a crucial point in time, when kids and especially teens are desperate for good role models. As Christians, we should use this opportunity to instill in our children lasting and meaningful lessons that will equip them when they leave our homes and enter the world as independent adults.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, David Jeremiah