More Than 90 People Found Inside Texas Home During Response To Reported Kidnapping in Suspected Human Smuggling Case, Police Say

Police in Houston say more than 90 people were found inside a home while officers were responding to a reported kidnapping Friday.

Police say they found the dozens of people in the 12000 block of Chessington Drive in the southwestern area of the city. Investigators are looking into the incident as a possible human smuggling case.

Just after 1 p.m., police offered their first statements on what they found.

According to police, they were informed about the location the night before through tips, leading to a search warrant being served this morning, KTRK-TV reported.

There were no children among the dozens of people crowded in the home, with the youngest being a person in their early 20s.

Only five women are among them, with the rest identified as males.

In the early stage of the investigation, police said they have to keep the people inside for now until the investigation is complete.

They also are dealing with COVID concerns. Police stated some of the people informed them that they can’t smell or taste, signifying virus symptoms. Rapid tests are being administered.

Police added there are no serious injuries among any of the individuals, and investigators believe this is a smuggling case rather than a trafficking one.

Police are trying to figure out who the victims are and who is responsible for placing them in the home.