Why Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Loves Israel, Part 1

Mike Pompeo

No American Secretary of State or CIA Director has done more to advance the U.S.-Israeli strategic alliance, strengthen Israeli security and advance history-making Arab-Israeli peace deals than Mike Pompeo.

While the Middle East was not the only region in his portfolio in either job during the Trump-Pence administration – witness the challenges he confronted with Russia, China, North Korea, and Turkey, just to name a few – it became clear to critics and allies alike that Pompeo had a deep love and affection for Israel and the Jewish people, says Author Joel Rosenberg at https://www.allisrael.com

Where does that love come from?

Rosenberg asked Pompeo that very question in an exclusive interview for a new series ALL ISRAEL NEWS is doing with prominent Christian and Jewish leaders on “Why I Love Israel.”

Without hesitation, Pompeo told Rosenberg it comes first and foremost from his devout Evangelical Christian faith and love of the Bible.

Here’s the transcript of part one of their two-part interview https://www.allisrael.com/former-secretary-of-state-mike-pompeo-tells-all-israel-news-why-he-loves-israel-about-the-first-visit-he-ever-made-here-and-why-he-wants-to-come-back-soon

ROSENBERG: It’s great to have you. So, you’re an Evangelical Christian. You’re very open about that. You and your wife taught fifth grade Sunday school until life got a little too busy working for the CIA as director, and then, of course, as secretary. Talk to me about where your love for Israel comes from. I’m just intrigued with both from your personal background, from your faith – what animates that?

POMPEO: Well, they are a very special country in a very special place. Those of us who take seriously the words of the Bible, and whose faith has a central understanding of the places that Jesus worked and lived, can’t help but have a special love and a special understanding of how special this place is. It’s also, as a geopolitical matter, as a global matter, it’s a place where these three Abrahamic faiths all come together in Jerusalem. The history there – the scores of people who were faithful servants of the Lord who have walked in that place – makes it a unique and special location. And it was truly a privilege to serve as America’s secretary of state and to work to build out the important relationship between our two sovereign states to make each of our peoples more secure and to get the opportunity to work for a president who made the decision, the right decision, to allow Jerusalem to be designated as the capital by the United States and to move our embassy there was truly glorious.

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SOURCE: Assist News Service, Michael Ireland