Youth for Christ CEO Jacob Bland Shares Why He’s Optimistic About the Future of Today’s Young People Despite Challenges and Discouraging Statistics

Over the last few years, a slew of studies have emerged revealing discouraging realities about today’s young people: They’re leaving the Church in droves, moral relativism, most believe truth seems relative at best, and very few adhere to a biblical worldview.

Yet, it’s also a generation that’s on a quest to uncover what’s good, who can be trusted, and what, exactly, is love. In essence, it’s a generation craving the kind of hope found only in Jesus Christ.

That’s according to Jacob Bland, the new president and CEO of Youth for Christ, who, in an interview with The Christian Post, said that despite the challenges facing today’s young people, he looks toward the future with optimism.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Leah MarieAnn Klett