Top Crypto Trading Applications

Cryptocurrency trading applications are important for anybody who wants to exchange and track their cryptocurrency assets from anywhere or at any moment. There is a plethora of applications accessible, making it very difficult to choose which to install. In particular, you would like an application that is simple to use or has a high level of protection and provides links to a wide variety of cryptocurrencies. Some applications are smartphone versions of common exchanges, whilst others are supported by external parties and have access to multiple exchanges. Immediate Edge is a comprehensive guide to crypto apps, but some of the most common cryptocurrency trading applications are mentioned below:


The Binance application is a smartphone edition from one of the globe’s biggest and most successful cryptocurrency exchanges. It’s ideal for newcomers because it’s convenient, quick, and easy to understand. The software allows you to purchase and sell cryptocurrency as well as see your trading record, active orders & crypto stocks. For some more advanced traders, there are several cap controls, market order, as well as stop-limit like features. Binance offers over 375 trading pairs as well as allows you to select your preferred trading pairs to increase accessibility.  The platform allows you to swap a wide variety of alternative digital currencies, and it just added fiat features, allowing you to purchase cryptocurrencies with your debit card. Binance is accessible on both iOS and Android devices.


Coinbase is another well-known cryptocurrency platform with a large trade amount. It allows you to transfer fiat currency, purchase and save coins, and transfer coins into your hardware wallet like the Trezor. The Coinbase smartphone application, which is compatible with Apple and Android smartphones, is quick and fast to use, making it an excellent newcomer option. It allows investors to purchase Bitcoin, Monero, and Dogecoin using a debit card or even an immediate bank transfer. Payment options may be stored for later usage, making selling faster and simpler. Coinbase is also looking at adding support for a variety of altcoins. It unveiled Coinbase Convert in 2018 – a service that allows retail customers to generate specific crypto-to-crypto transfers.


Exchange of cryptocurrencies KuCoin is a simple-to-use exchange that ranks among the top 20 in terms of size.  It is referred to as the people’s exchange” and is directed at the general public. Its native cryptocurrency, KuCoin Shares, functions similarly to stock options, allowing token holders to collect returns. KuCoin’s mobile software has a straightforward, user-friendly interface. It provides essential trading facilities such as purchasing and selling, as well as money transfers. On the website, there seem to be over 330 coins mentioned. It also pays NeoGAS for keeping NEO upon that, which is something that only exchanges do.


Changelly, which is available on the Google Play store, allows users to exchange cryptocurrency. It is effortless to use and does not require a complicated identity authentication procedure. Simply transmit fund to Changelly from your wallet, which exchanges them at the finest available price and deducts a 0.5 percent fee before delivering the money to the receiver’s wallet. It’s an effortless way to trade crypto, and you do not need to sit and wait for the deposit to be transferred. The website supports the trading of over 150 digital currencies. You could also purchase cryptocurrency with a credit card.


If you are after a much more developed crypto trading as well as portfolio managerial feature, Coinigy is indeed a solid option. It is a trading platform rather than just an exchange, and it allows you to transact on over 46 of the most common cryptocurrency markets from a single account. It provides 24/7 portfolio monitoring, unrestricted trading, high-resolution charting, and a variety of specialized research software for both desktop and smartphone platforms. Coinigy is a paid service targeted at practitioners. When paying monthly, pro trader membership costs $18.00 a month, while advanced API usage costs $99.00 per month. The mobile app is accessible on both iPhone and Android.

Final words

Further advancements are undoubtedly on the way in the fast-paced field of cryptocurrency, rendering selling digital currencies cheaper, faster, and better than it has ever been. There has not been an excellent opportunity to swap cryptocurrency when on the run.