This Is Not Good; Parents Will Start Pulling Their Students From Liberty University if This Is Allowed to Go on: Jerry Falwell Jr. Invites Liberty Students to ‘real’ Graduation Party at His Farm Despite Lawsuit and Scandals; Daniel Whyte III, Who Is a Proud Parent of 7 Liberty University Graduates and Students Says That if the President Jerry Prevo and Chairman of the Board Allen McFarland Do Not Forcibly Do Everything in Their Power to Stop This So-called Graduation Party From Happening, Liberty University Will Be Destroyed by the Very President They Fired Because of the Evil and the Hypocrisy That Jerry Falwell Jr. And His Wife Becki Have Done Before God Which Includes Adultery, the Watching of Adultery, Homosexuality, Swinging, Lusting After Students, Taking Pictures With Students and Assistants in Sexually Suggestive Ways, and on and on