Expert Reveals the Mistake you’re Making when Doing Laundry – and his Trick for Saving a Fortune on Detergent Each Year

CHOICE’s whitegoods expert Ashley Iredale (pictured) said you still get the same results if you wash your clothes with just half or even less of the recommended dose of laundry detergent

A consumer expert has revealed thousands of Australians are using far more laundry detergent than they actually need to do their washing.

CHOICE’s whitegoods expert Ashley Iredale said you still get the same results when you wash your clothes with less than half of the recommended dose of detergent.

‘We’ve found that you can get a great wash using a fraction of the recommended dose of detergent,’ Mr Iredale told Today show.

Depending on which detergent you use, he said you can get away with using ‘as little as a third or even a quarter of the scoop’, saving yourself hundreds of money a year.

During previous tests, the experts found many laundry detergents performed just as well on all stains at half the recommended dose.

And when it comes to choosing between laundry powder and liquid, Mr Iredale explained why it depends on the features of your washing machine, as well as your personal preference.

‘Traditionally, we found that powders always outperform liquids. But your liquid is basically powder mixed with water so you’re paying for water,’ he explained.

But despite this, he said in recent years, the experts found a number of laundry liquids that have ‘upped their game’ and performed better than powder.

If you have a water efficient washing machine, Mr Iredale suggested using liquid instead of powder.

‘Powders might not fully dissolve,’ he explained.

However, there’s a simple trick for turning powder into liquid.

‘If you’re using powder, dissolve it in water first before you put it in the machine,’ Mr Iredale said.