WATCH: Tyler Burns Talks About the ‘Pain and Power’ of Being ‘Fully Black and Fully Christian’ at Q 2021 Culture Summit

Tyler Burns, Q Summit

Tyler Burns, president of the Witness, identified lessons the Church can learn from the African American legacy and experience and shared how there is “power” to be found in the seeming paradox of being “fully black and fully Christian.”

During a message titled “The Gift of the Black Christian Experience,” Burns told those gathered at the Q 2021 Culture Summit on April 22 that at the age of 19, he was forced to confront the seemingly contradictory condition of being black and Christian.

“I was born black, grew up black in a black family, and was introduced to Jesus at an early age, but sometimes in the life of black Christians, we must confront this reality that … a black Christian and a black non-Christian will live in the same world and face the same exploitation. Being fully black and being fully Christian sometimes feels like a bit of a paradox.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Leah MarieAnn Klett