WATCH: Pastor Rich Villodas Says ‘Christian Celebrity-ism’ Infiltrating the Church is ‘Incompatible With the Christian Faith’

Rich Villodas, Q Summit

Pastor Rich Villodas weighed in on the dangers of “celebrity-ism” that has infiltrated many churches and highlighted the role every Christian has to play in combating the ideology he warned is “incompatible with the Christian faith.”

“Generally speaking, celebrity and Christianity are not necessarily contradictions in terms because notions of celebrity are often projected onto people,” Villodas, the Brooklyn-born lead pastor of New Life Fellowship, said at the Q 2021 Culture Summit on April 22.

Jesus Himself could be regarded as a celebrity in the first century, he said: “Wherever Jesus went, throngs of people followed him, Jesus of Nazareth was a household name. You can be sure that people asked Him to sign their tunics and autograph their parchment paper. Jesus was very known in those parts.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Leah MarieAnn Klett