US warship fires warning shots at three Iranian fast attack boats that came within 68 yards of it in the Persian Gulf as tensions rise

The Navy has released video of a US warship firing warning shots at three Iranian fast attack boats after they came within 68 yards of it on Monday night.

The Iranian craft ignored radioed warnings and blaring sirens as they sped towards two ships, forcing one, the USS Firebolt, to open fire.

Firebolt was sailing with the U.S. Coast Guard patrol boat Baranoff during the incident.

It came just a day after boats belonging to Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps had harassed U.S. Coast Guard cutters in the same body of water.

The last time a Navy vessel fired warning shots in the Persian Gulf in an incident involving Iran was in July 2017, when the USS Thunderbolt, a sister ship to the Firebolt, fired to warn off a Guard vessel.

Regulations issued last year give Navy commanders the authority to take ‘lawful defensive measures against vessels in the Mideast that come within 109 yards of their warships.

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Source: Daily Mail