EU, US Send Aid to South Sudan

Image depicts World Concern’s nutrition market, where beneficiaries receive vouchers to purchase eggs, vegetables, and meat each week for 12 weeks. (Photo credit: Harrison Macharia, World Concern)

The European Union joined the United States this week in sending humanitarian aid to South Sudan. Contributions of more than $145 million will provide food, medical aid, and shelter.

World Concern’s Joshua Bundi says the help couldn’t have come at a better time. South Sudan is on the brink of famine thanks to the fallout of several compounded crises. “The last three years have been very difficult,” Bundi says.

“We’ve had the worst flooding in [modern] history; the closest they came was in [the] 60’s. The rain stopped in November, but still we have places we cannot access because it’s flooded.”

The problems don’t end there. “[There is] the issue of insecurity; people are destabilized,” Bundi says, describing South Sudan’s 1.6 million people displaced by ongoing conflict and strife.

“Of course, that got compounded by the issues [of] COVID.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Katey Hearth


  • Pray for strength and encouragement as believers continue meeting critical needs.
  • Pray South Sudanese will come to know Christ through this outreach.
  • Ask the Lord to bring good out of this extremely difficult season.