Catholic School Teacher Who Forgot to Turn Off a Zoom Call With Students Is Caught Sucking on His Wife’s Breasts – Teacher and Student Are Beyond Mortified and Probably So Is the Pope

A Catholic school teacher in Colombia was left red-faced after forgetting to turn off a Zoom call with his class of teenage students before snuggling up to his wife’s breasts.

Ruben Dario Parras didn’t realise he was being filmed as he lifted up his wife’s blouse.

The physics tutor then appeared to kiss her left breast as the moment was broadcast to everyone on the call.

He was forced to apologise after inadvertently sharing the moment with the class of 16 and 17-year-old pupils.

One of the students at the Educación Educativa San Vicente de Paul Catholic school, in Palmira, Colombia, can be heard sniggering as she watches.

She then says ‘Oh my God’ and cringes as her teacher canoodles with his wife.

Shamefaced Mr Parras made an embarrassing video apology after the blunder.

He said: ‘Some images were recorded while my wife came in to greet me that have gone viral on the web.

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Source: Daily Mail