Family of Lyft Driver from Granbury, Texas, Who Was Shot While Working Says He ‘Had No Enemies’

Robert Berry Courtesy photo

Two people who identified themselves as the adopted son and a stepdaughter of a Hood County man who died last week after being shot while working as a Lyft driver in Mesquite called the Hood County News Friday to say that they knew 58-year-old Robert Douglas Berry as a person who “had no enemies.”

Kathy White, who said she was Berry’s step-daughter, said of the ongoing investigation, “All I know is that they are looking for a few suspects.”

Berry’s adopted son, who asked that his name be withheld from this article, said that Berry was an Army military veteran. He said that Berry had no enemies, and added, “He was a very gentle, kind man. He would give you the shirt off his back, and the last $20 out of his pocket. He was an innocent man who was shot, and God took another angel home.”

White added, “He was a very kind-hearted man, and he was doing his job.”

Another stepdaughter of Berry, California resident Annette Duran, told the HCN in a phone call Monday, “He was a wonderful, wonderful person. He met my granddaughter (in 2013) and she fell in love with him.”

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SOURCE: Hood County News