Minnesota County GOP Event Held in a Church Featured Conspiracy Theorist Who Said George Floyd’s Murder Was Planned


The keynote speaker at a Minnesota county Republican Party’s event last month told members that George Floyd’s murder at the hands of police was “planned since 2016.” On March 27, New Zealand author Trevor Loudon addressed an audience of hundreds of members of the Wabasha County Republican Party at a dinner in a church, the Bemidji Pioneer reports. Loudon promoted conspiracies, claiming more than a hundred Democratic members of Congress deserve to be investigated for espionage for “working with foreign governments and the communist and Islamic movements,” that Floyd’s murder was a longstanding conspiracy, that the coronavirus was released to purposefully kill Donald Trump’s re-election chances, and that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from Donald Trump via rigged voting machines. A GOP state senator, Michael Goggin, attended the event and posed for a photo with Loudon. Wabasha County Republicans called the event “an amazing night” on Facebook and said Loudon did “an amazing job.” Previously, Loudon has said that Barack Obama was born in Kenya and likened him to Hitler and Stalin.

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SOURCE: The Daily Beast – Blake Montgomery