Jason Jimenez on How You Can Help a Stressed Out Generation

Millennials (1984-1999) have gotten all the attention for too long, casting a shadow on Gen Z. Yet, here’s the thing. Gen Z is as big as the Millennial generation. We’re talking about the difference between a few million. Millennials are roughly eighty million, and Gen Z is over seventy million strong. There are some stats out there that show Gen Z is actually larger than Millennials.

Regardless of whose generation is the biggest, the real question is, what generation will have the greatest impact on the world? All signs point to Gen Z. They are nearing the age when they will start effecting change in the world economy, global politics, education, religion, business, and marriage and family.

And to think of all that Gen Z (born 2000-2015) has already had to face in the world is unprecedented compared to Millennials.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jason Jimenez