Council member Elton Alexander called to step down after restaurant owner claims the council member harassed him; Restaurant owner gets $1.7M

The mayor and two city council members in an Atlanta suburb are calling for a fellow council member to resign after the city agreed to pay $1.7 million to a restaurant owner who said the council member harassed him.

Stockbridge Mayor Anthony Ford and council members LaKeisha Gantt and John Blount all say that Elton Alexander should step down.

The city’s insurer agreed to pay the money to a barbecue restaurant owner. Arick Whitson filed a lawsuit claiming Alexander repeatedly retaliated against Whitson’s restaurant when Whitson declined to give Alexander a free meal. The city and Alexander deny wrongdoing,

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is not personal,” WAGA-TV reported Gantt said at a news conference Friday. “This is $1,725,000 to a victim who has been ridiculed.”

Source: Associated Press