WATCH: Husky Sees Woman Collapse, Stops Its Treadmill Exercise Session, Lets Itself Out of Shop and Gets Help

The clever dog is seen returning with a man, identified as shop owner Mr Yu, who checks on the collapsed woman

This is the moment a clever Husky stops exercising on a treadmill to help a woman who had just collapsed on the floor.

The clever dog, known as Alaska, manages to open a dog gate and fetch a helper in the footage.

The incident was filmed in a pet shop in the city of Harbin in the northern and easternmost Chinese province of Heilongjiang on April 18.

The pet shop worker, who was not identified, fainted in the store while huskies Alaska and Samoyed were exercising on a treadmill.

In the footage, the young woman is seen dropping to her knees, holding her head, and passing out as the two dogs walk on the exercise machine.

The real-life Lassie, Alaska, then coolly slides off the treadmill and walks over to the collapsed woman.

The dog’s tail stops wagging as it apparently realises something is wrong and then tries to revive the woman with its paw.

The husky then manages to open the front door and wanders outside to seek help.

The clever dog is seen returning with a man, identified as shop owner Mr Yu, who checks on the collapsed woman before lifting her on his back.

Meanwhile, Alaska eagerly returns to the treadmill to join Samoyed, who had not stopped exercising throughout the entire dramatic incident.

Mr Yu then hurries out of the pet shop with the dizzy worker on his back.

The woman was taken to hospital where doctors said she fainted due to hypoglycaemia, a condition where a person’s blood sugar level is lower than normal.

The news site Baidu said she has since recovered from the ordeal.

Alaska’s owner said the dog is over five years old, incredibly smart, and understands many verbal commands.

The owner added that Alaska learned how to open the dog gate after only being shown twice.

The five-year-old husky has been likened to Lassie, a very intelligent fictional dog depicted in a 1954 television series.

In the show, Lassie, a female rough collie, went on adventures with her owner’s son and the pair always got into some kind of trouble. Each episode, Lassie would rush off to get help or save her master’s life herself.

SOURCE: Daily Mail, Lauren Lewis