Hezbollah’s Preparations Raise Suspicion as Lebanon Nears Collapse; Horizons International Prepared for Such A Time as This

Horizons International’s Lebanon Crisis Fund provided 80 appliances to families in need, in addition to food portions and medical supplies. (Photo, caption courtesy of Horizons International)

Hezbollah is replacing the government as Lebanon nears collapse, offering food and fuel subsidies to the Lebanese people. More about that here. Critics fear the move further positions Lebanon as a proxy state for Iran.

Pierre Houssney of Horizons International encourages believers to keep their eyes on the bigger picture, no matter what happens next.

“If we can get Lebanon through this period of crisis, the Church that remains is the special force for missions in the Middle East and the Muslim world,” Houssney says.

“It’s an incredibly strategic time right now.”

God prepared Horizons and its church partners for such a time as this, Houssney says. See our full Lebanon coverage here.

“If we had not spent a few years prior to this crisis forging these deep, trusted partnerships with all these churches, we would not have been able to do [everything we did],” he says.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Katey Hearth


  • Pray Lebanese believers would be successful in reaching out to their communities.
  • Pray the Body of Christ would grow through these trials and tribulations as it has in the past.