WATCH: Another Young Black Man Dead for Nothing: NBA draft prospect Terrence Clarke is killed in a car crash after ‘running a red light at high speed’, hitting a truck and smashing into a wall in LA

NBA draft prospect and former University of Kentucky guard Terrence Clarke has been killed in car crash in Los Angeles, with video showing him running a red light at speed before clipping a truck and slamming into a wall at an intersection.

The crash occurred on Thursday at 2:10pm on Winnetka Avenue in the northwest part of the city after Clarke, 19, had gone through a workout with his former Wildcats teammate and fellow NBA hopeful Brandon Boston Jr. in anticipation of the upcoming draft.

Clarke was driving his 2021 Hyundai Genesis at speed when he ran a red light, hit a car that was turning left and failed to stop before hitting a pole and a wall, LAPD said.

It is not yet known if Clarke intentionally ran the light or if his vehicle had suffered a mechanical failure.

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Source: Daily Mail