WATCH – Here we go: There’s a devil loose: Lesbian woman who executed her “girlfriend” on Brooklyn street turns herself in and says ‘I did the shooting’; Lesbian couple had lived together for 20 years

A Brooklyn woman who shot her ex-girlfriend of 20 years dead in broad daylight on Wednesday was arraigned for murder on Thursday while her family revealed she has mental health problems and was holding a grudge after splitting up with the victim three years ago. Latisha Bell, 38, shot dead her on-off girlfriend of 20 years, Nichelle Thomas, 52, in Park Slope, an affluent area of Brooklyn, on Wednesday afternoon. She walked up to Thomas and put a gun to the back of her head then pulled the trigger and fled the scene. Bell later handed herself in to police. She walked into a police station and told the cop on duty: ‘I am turning myself in for the homicide. The gun is inside the bag. I need to talk to the homicide detective. I did the shooting.’ On Thursday, her sister told that she had been suffering mental health problems for years.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail