Childhood home of Harriet Tubman is confirmed found in Maryland

The childhood home of famous Underground Railroad conductor Harriet Tubman has been discovered in Maryland, archaeologists announced Tuesday.

It was first located in Church Creek and was unearthed last year, with further research of the area and artifacts found prompting officials to confirm it is the location of Tubman’s dad Ben Ross’s old log cabin.

Officials said bricks, datable pieces of 19th-century pottery, a button, a drawer pull, a pipe stem and old records helped experts locate the historical location.

‘This discovery adds another puzzle piece to the story of Harriet Tubman, the state of Maryland, and our nation,’ Maryland Lt. Governor Boyd K. Rutherford said.

‘It is important that we continue to uncover parts of our history that we can learn from, especially when they can be lost to time, and other forces. I hope that this latest success story can inspire similar efforts and help strengthen our partnerships in the future.’

The area was first excavated in November 2020 by Maryland’s Department of Transpiration archaeology team who dug numerous pits looking for clues – but unfortunately they came up empty handed.

Dr. Julie Schablitsky, who led the work, stumbled upon a coin on an abandoned road that offered some hope.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail – Stacy Liberatore