Those split-second decisions made by police can have far-reaching and grave consequences

It happened in less than a second.

Thirteen-year-old Adam Toledo dropped the gun he’d been holding, turned and began raising his hands just as the officer had commanded. Then the cop fired a single shot, killing the boy in the dark Chicago alley.

The graphic video that became the latest tragic touchstone in the nation’s reckoning with race and policing puts a microscope on those split-second decisions with far-reaching and grave consequences. Investigators are still sorting through exactly what happened, but the shooting has raised difficult questions about why the boy wasn’t given more time to comply, and whether the deadly encounter could have been prevented in the first place.

“Time and again, our communities of color are being told that these are isolated incidents or that they are the fault of the suspect. What do you say when you see the evidence with your own eyes?” Jose Lopez, the League of United Latin American Citizens’ national vice president for the Midwest, said in a statement.

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Source: Associated Press – LINDSAY WHITEHURST