Inside the life of ‘serial con artist’ influencer Tracii Hutsona, 52, who faces 22 years in prison after ‘funneling more than $1 million from NBA star Jason Kidd’s ex-wife to fund her lavish lifestyle’

Tracii Show Hutsona, 52, of Phoenix, Arizona, has been charged with wire fraud and aggravated identity theft. Hutsona had fronted a luxury concierge firm and bragged about being a ‘homeless millionaire’ on YouTube with her husband all the while raiding her alleged victim’s bank accounts, prosecutors said. That alleged victim was Joumana Kidd, the ex-wife of former NBA player Jason Kidd, according to reports. Hutsona had been Kidd’s PA but – after $307,498.02 was discovered missing – she was confronted by Kidd. Kidd said she felt sorry for Hutsona and, after changing her bank details, agreed not to go to the police. She then allowed Hutsona to carry on her work, unaware that she allegedly continued to steal her money. Hutsona was arrested on February 17 and now faces 22 years in prison. Prosecutors say: ‘In total, HUTSONA stole and spent over $1 million of Victim-1’s money in order to finance her own luxury lifestyle’.

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Source: Daily Mail