Colorado Judge Who Repeatedly Said N-Word While Talking to Black Court Official and Declared ‘All Lives Matter’ After George Floyd’s Death Resigns

Colorado District Judge Natalie T. Chase has resigned from her position. (Colorado Office of Judicial Eval)

A Colorado judge has resigned after repeatedly using the N-word while talking to a black court official and proclaiming “all lives matter” in the aftermath of George Floyd’s police-involved death.

Colorado District Judge Natalie T. Chase agreed to step down from the bench Friday after she was censured by the Colorado Supreme Court for her comments.

In a six-page order, the court said Chase, who is white, failed to “maintain the high standards of judicial conduct required of a judge.”

In a separate incident early last year while driving two court employees from a training session in Pueblo, Chase asked a family court facilitator, who is black, why people of color “can use the N-word but not white people” — and whether it was different if the “N-word is said with an ‘er’ or an ‘a’ at the end of the word,” according to the order.

Chase used the “full N-word several times” during the conversation, leaving the black court facilitator angered and dismayed while trapped in the car while, the order states.

“She has explained that Judge Chase’s use of the full N-word was ‘like a stab through my heart each time,’” according to the order, adding that the woman felt compelled to keep quiet due to fears of retaliation.

Chase later asked two black court employees in May 2020 about their feelings on the Black Lives Matter movement as they discussed Floyd’s death in Minneapolis, which prompted protests nationwide, including in Denver.

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SOURCE: New York Post, Joshua Rhett Miller