Elementary School Principal Arrested for Alleged Sexual Misconduct With 9 Boys During School Hours

An elementary school principal in Hilton, New York, was arrested for allegedly sexually abusing nine boys, NBC News reports. Kirk Ashton, 51, is said to have abused multiple boys under the age of 12 during the school day. Ashton faces multiple charges, including first-degree sex abuse and endangering the welfare of a child, the district attorney says. He pleaded not guilty, and remains in custody as of Saturday. Ashton was first accused of sex abuse in 2017, but investigators are reviewing his 17-year-long tenure at the school to see if any other incidents have been overlooked.

“Generally, individuals who are predators, they prey on children,” said Barry Chase, a New York State police lieutenant. “Unfortunately, sometimes they get into positions that are powerful and, you know, they take advantage of the weak and the young. It does happen and it’s very unfortunate that these people get into certain types of positions.”

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SOURCE: The Daily Beast – Jennifer Adams