PODCAST: Whyte House Family Spoken Novels #196: Charmaine Chapter 28

Welcome to the Whyte House Family Spoken Novels podcast episode #196. Today we are reading chapter 28 of the novel Charmaine” by Daniel Whyte III with Meriqua Whyte.


After Brother Martin left the meeting he returned to his office and immediately got on the phone with his wife.
“How’s it coming along, Zelda?”
“Great! I’ll be hitting the send button in about forty minutes,” she said. “I deduced from the phone call that something came up.”
“Yeah. Those Ethiopians had a meeting with Pastor Gillespie and they showed him the letter. They still do not know who wrote it though. That one that’s in charge of them, Santa-something, even with me sitting in there, had the audacity to tell the pastor he gave me lots of ideas for the ministry but I have not used any of them. Can you believe that?” Brother Martin said to his wife.
“They’re trying hard to assimilate,” his wife said. “Trying to hide from immigration, I guess.”
“With those bright colors they wear every Sunday they are doing a poor job of hiding. Anyone can spot them a mile away,” Brother Martin said. “They look like parrots with all those bright colors.”
His wife chuckled. “I created two e-books. For the one going to Pastor Gillespie, I just copied facts from Wikipedia, you know to throw him off so that he will think this is something good. The other e-book has all the things we brainstormed on to get the members all riled up. We’ll let him get his first. We’ll send the members theirs tomorrow.”
“Good. That ought to get some buzz going. If Gillespie does not kick the Ethiopians out, the church will kick him out. Have you found out anything more about them being here illegally?”
“No,” Zelda said. “I’ve only asked the immigration officials to check them out to see if they are all here legally. I haven’t heard back from Mr. Carrington.”
“That’s not good,” Brother Martin said. “Why don’t you call him again and make it more urgent. You know, toss in something about them disturbing the peace and possibly being responsible for some break-ins.”
“Martin, we don’t want to lie too much now,” his wife said.
“Who says we are lying? We may be stretching the truth a little in thinking ahead as to what may take place,” Brother Martin said. “On that letter we’re sending to Pastor Gillespie, just copy the logo off of the official website and put it on the letterhead and the envelope. If we can just get Gillespie to think that there may be legal trouble down the road for the church if the government finds out that we are sheltering illegal immigrants, that may be enough to get him to slow down on all this integration stuff he’s doing.”


Sister Mona brought the e-book that had been sent to his e-mail to Pastor Gillespie’s attention.
“This is impressive,” Pastor Gillespie said as he clicked through the first few pages of the e-book titled Getting to Know Our Ethiopian Friends. The front cover featured a large, colorful image of the dancing performance that had taken place at the Ethiopian Celebration that past Sunday. In the front was a letter by Brother Martin to the All Peoples church family praising the inclusion of the Ethiopian community. The rest of the pages were a series of short articles regarding the Ethiopian lifestyle, culture, and Christian faith, complete with colorful pictures of statues, architecture, and artwork. In the back was an advertisement for the Queen of Sheba Ethiopian Restaurant as well as an advertisement for the Ethiopian exhibit at the local museum.
“What do you think, Sister Mona?” Pastor Gillespie asked.
“No wonder this took him so long. He put a lot of thought and work into this project. The church and our Ethiopian friends would love this,” Mona replied.
“Email him back and tell him I said it looks great and to go ahead and send it to the rest of the church family,” Pastor Gillespie said. “I can’t wait to hear what Sentayhu will say.”


Zelda Martin was unsuccessful in getting a hold of Mr. Weldon Carrington. The lady who answered the phone informed her that they would be investigating soon. Zelda spent the rest of the afternoon forging the letter from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services office to Pastor Gillespie. The letter read:

Roland Gillespie:
It has been brought to our attention that you and the All Peoples Non-Denominational Church are sheltering a large number of Ethiopian immigrants who may be in the country illegally. It has been reported that you are encouraging your church members to support their businesses and you have offered to help them find employment.
Please understand that it is a federal offense to support and shelter those who are in the country illegally. If you are aware of illegal immigrants in your community, please inform local law enforcement immediately.

The letter was signed by Weldon Carrington and included the Texas address of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service.

When Sister Mona showed Pastor Gillespie the letter he was deeply disturbed.
Brother Martin appeared to be highly upset as well. “We have to find out who is behind this,” he said, shaking his head.
Sentayhu and Bohlale, who had been called in to the meeting, gave Brother Martin a strange look. They were surprised at his reaction. Maybe we have been misjudging him, Sentayhu thought.


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