Biden Administration to Reverse Trump Administration’s “Protect Life” Rule That Banned Abortion Clinics from Receiving Title X Funds

Pro-life groups are slamming the Biden administration for pushing to reverse a Trump administration rule that banned the use of federal family planning funds from being used for abortions or to refer patients for abortions.

The Department of Health and Human Services released a proposed rule Thursday that would reverse the Trump administration’s “Protect Life” rule. The rule, finalized in 2019, prevented health clinics that receive Title X family planning funds from performing or referring patients for abortions.

Abortion organizations referred to the regulation preventing family planning clinics from engaging in discussions or referrals for abortion as a “gag rule.” The “Protect Life” rule faced several court challenges, and appellate courts came to differing conclusions about its constitutionality.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Ryan Foley