What to Do If You’re Getting Potential Scam Calls

Spoofing and spam calls can be a nuisance. They can quickly become very frustrating if you are not sure who is calling you and they are not listening to your requests for them to stop. In some cases you might begin to worry if you are being harassed or if somebody is trying to scam you out of your money. Whether you’re dealing with calls from somebody who is trying to prank you but it’s no longer funny, or you’re getting persistent sales calls from a business that doesn’t seem to want to take no for an answer, here’s how you can deal with spoofing and unknown calls.

Google Search:

Searching for the number on Google could yield some good results on where the call is coming from and if others have also received it. When companies make sales calls or scammers call phones, people will often leave reviews on websites that are dedicated to this purpose to warn other call recipients. Google searching the phone number could help you determine if the caller is dangerous or whether it’s a legitimate company who is trying to get in touch with you for a legitimate reason.

People Search Sites:

You can find more information on who the number that is calling you is registered to using Nuwber. This people search site allows you to access all publicly available records by simply searching for the number that is calling you. You may be able to use this service to find out the name of the person that the number is registered to and further contact information for them such as an email or address. You may also be able to discover if they have any criminal records.


In some cases, simply blocking the number that is calling you can be effective. However, many scammers and persistent salespeople might call using a variety of different numbers and therefore blocking one number might not stop them altogether. You can usually block a number easily on a modern smartphone by simply pressing on the number in your call log for more information. If this does not work and the individual or company continues to try to call you from a different number, you may be able to silence all unknown callers in your phone’s settings.

Law Enforcement:

If all else fails or you believe that you are the target of a criminal or criminal group that is trying to scam you out of money, then it’s important to contact law enforcement and let them know what is going on. It is worth taking the situation to the police and reporting any numbers that you believe the same individual or company has contacted you on. The police will be able to track the caller and deal with any instances of harassment or attempting scamming appropriately. If you have already used some of the tools mentioned above to find out more about who is contacting you, this information can help the police track them down and deal with the situation quickly, so provide them with anything that you know so far.

Tightening your security is the best way to avoid these types of calls. Avoid giving your phone number out unless absolutely necessary and always request that your data is not passed on when signing up for online services that require your contact details.