WATCH: Atlanta couple goes viral after man proposes to girlfriend with five engagement rings

Brittney Miller was presented with her choice of five different engagement rings by William Hunn over Easter weekend. (Instagram)

An Atlanta couple has gone viral for their unique proposal story. William Hunn proposed to Brittney Miller over Easter weekend with five different engagement rings featuring varying cut stones and band designs after a romantic helicopter ride.

The gesture caught the attention of Gayle King, who featured the story on CBS This Morning.

“He gave his fiancé not one, not two, not three, not four, but five choices of engagement rings … and allowed her to choose,” King recalled.

Hunn also had a diamond tester on hand to prove that all five rings were real.

“It was very creative,” King continued. “And the fact that he cared that much. To me, it sounds like that marriage is off to a very good start.”

King recently attended the wedding of her daughter, Kirby, who was wed on the estate of godmother Oprah Winfrey in February.

Miller said yes to Hunn’s proposal and says that the support of their future marriage has been “astronomical.”

This is truly amazing to have our story shared with so many people. And by GAYLE KING!?!? I’m speechless. Definitely a humbling experience 💚💚@gayleking,” Miller wrote on Instagram.

Miller said that Hunn surprised her with the proposal, and she praised her fiancé, saying, “This was a boss move @ichillwillfixit. You’ve planned one hell of an experience that I’ll never be able to forget. I love you.”

Needless to say, he was overjoyed.

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