Reuters Announces $35 Monthly Paywall

Worldwide news agency Reuters will put its articles behind a $35-per-month paywall, as part of an effort to attract business professionals, the company announced Thursday.

“In addition to targeting its current global readership, the newly revamped is hoping to attract professional audiences prepared to pay $34.99 per month for a deeper level of coverage and data on industry verticals that include legal, sustainable business, healthcare, and autos,” a story by Reuters staff said.

Reuters will allow users to access five stories as part of a free “preview period,” but will require registration for further access.

“ attracts 41 million unique visitors a month, according to a New York Times story on the Reuters paywall move. “Months of audience research showed that those readers were divided in two separate groups: those wanting breaking news and professionals looking for context and analysis about how news affected their industry, Josh London, chief marketing officer at Reuters, said in an interview.”

The move is clearly aimed at competing with business news publications already behind comparably-priced monthly paywalls., for example, charges $34.99 per month, and the Wall Street Journal charges $38.99. Digital subscriptions to major newspapers, such as the Times and The Washington Post, are generally lower, and are often combined with promotions. A monthly Times subscription, for example, currently runs around $18 per month before promotional discounts which can take more than 75 percent off.

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SOURCE: Mediaite – Marisa Sarnoff