WATCH: Alabama Pastor and Wife Mourn Daughter Who Was Fatally Shot in Birmingham Park on Easter

A Birmingham pastor and his wife say they’re still in disbelief as they process the loss of their only daughter.

32-year old Areyelle Yarbrough was shot and killed Easter Sunday in Birmingham’s Patton Park. Five others were injured.

“I miss my child, I miss my friend, I miss my daughter, but none of that will bring her back,” Areyelle’s mother Sonya Yarbrough said.

A small memorial sits on the dinning room table at the Yarbrough home.

Flowers, pictures and a candle all in memory of their daughter Areyelle.

“I just feel like I’m in a daze or a trance,” Sonya said, “I know she’s passed, but it doesn’t seem real, I’m expecting a call. I picked up the phone to call her one day last week, so it’s not real to me yet.”

“I’m still disembodied, surreal, numb, in disbelief, reality is slowly seeping in cause we’ve had no contact with her,” Areyelle’s dad Pastor Michael Yarbrough said.

Birmingham police say Areyelle was an innocent bystander.

Her parents are processing the loss.

“I have my quiet moments, early in the morning 5 o’clock it starts rolling through my head that she’s gone,” Michael said.

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SOURCE: ABC 3340 News, Muriel Bailey