San Francisco Parents Angered After Being Told to Send Their Children to School While Teachers Stay Home and Lead Classes Over Zoom

School students in California could soon be back in classrooms being taught by teachers at home. Schools in Los Angeles, such as Maurice Sendak Elementary School, began in-person learning this week for students such as kindergartener Nathan Ramos

Parents in San Francisco are being told to send their children back into classrooms while teachers instruct them over Zoom from their homes.

The arrangement has been ridiculed by parents and comes after San Francisco’s school district axed plans to rename 44 schools currently named in honor of past presidents they have deemed racist.

Mother Kira Gaber said she’s been told to send her kindergartner back to his San Francisco classroom with a laptop and headphones, as his teacher works online from home, and an adult monitor watches the kids in class.

‘How is this OK? This is completely not in-person learning,’ said Gaber, who doesn’t plan to send her son to class with a computer.

‘I’m going to send him with worksheets and a coloring book.’

San Francisco County, which has a population of 875,000 had just 26 new COVID cases on Tuesday, according to a pandemic tracking project by The New York Times.

San Francisco’s Board of Education was already under fire over the plan to strip the names from third of San Francisco’s public schools – a move that was criticized as cancel culture run amok.

In February, the City of San Francisco sued its own school district to force school buildings to reopen, citing a 66 per cent spike in the number of suicidal students admitted to the city’s UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital.#

Most have been shuttered since COVID hit US shores in March 2020, with reopening classrooms prompting explosive confrontations between some parents and teachers.

California teacher Alissa Piro was suspended from her job at San Marcos High School, 40 miles north of San Diego, on Monday, after ranting about the issue.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail, The Associated Press