Here We Go: NCAA ‘Unequivocally’ Supports Transgender Athletes Competing With Their Identified Sexes

As women around the country continue to fight to protect their spaces, the NCAA announced this week it stands “unequivocally” with transgender athletes competing on the teams that correspond to the sexes with which they identify, meaning a trans-identified female, a biological male, should be free to compete alongside biological females.

The organization dismissed any concerns about biological males outperforming — based on immutable characteristics — biological females.

“The NCAA board of governors firmly and unequivocally supports the opportunity for transgender student-athletes to compete in college sports,” the organization stated Monday. “This commitment is grounded in our values of inclusion and fair competition.”

It went on to assert, despite evidence to the contrary, that testosterone suppression in trans-identifed biological males levels the playing field with biological females who identify as such.

“The NCAA has a long-standing policy that provides a more inclusive path for transgender participation in college sports,” stated the NCAA. “Our approach — which requires testosterone suppression treatment for transgender women to compete in women’s sports — embraces the evolving science on this issue and is anchored in participation policies of both the International Olympic Committee and U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee. Inclusion and fairness can coexist for all student-athletes, including transgender athletes, at all levels of sport. Our clear expectation as the association’s top governing body is that all student-athletes will be treated with dignity and respect.”

“We are committed,” the organization added, “to ensuring that NCAA championships are open for all who earn the right to compete in them.”

The NCAA also announced it will only allow championships and conferences in states and localities “where hosts can commit to providing an environment that is safe, healthy, and free of discrimination,” meaning states that bar transgender athletes from competing on teams that do not correlate to their biological sexes will not be eligible to host NCAA games.

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Source: Faithwire