Democrats plan bill to pack Supreme Court with four new justices

Republicans have condemned proposals to increase the number of Supreme Court justices from nine to 13 – a plan which Democratic members of Congress have said they will introduce on Thursday.

‘Packing the Supreme Court would destroy the Supreme Court,’ tweeted Tom Cotton, senator for Arkansas.

‘The Democrats will do anything for power.’

Donald Trump’s former chief of staff, Mark Meadows, said increasing the size of the court was a terrible idea.

‘The moderate left is gone,’ he said.

‘This is who they are now. Open borders. Outlawing voter ID. Free healthcare for illegal migrants. And now court packing.

‘This should be roundly rejected.’

The proposal, first reported by The Intercept, was always likely to spark strong protest from Republicans, who warned during the election that Joe Biden would try and change the court’s composition.

‘Who agrees that we should expand the Supreme Court?’ tweeted Ed Markey of Massachusetts, the sponsor of the bill in the Senate.

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Source: Daily Mail