If This Is Hate Speech, Then What Can Christians Say?

They said it was hate speech. But if this is hate speech, then what can Christians say? Check out what people at the rally sponsored by Rivers of Living Water United Pentecostal Church in Sandy, Oregon, on March 20, 2021, had to say. The “Prayer, Faith & Freedom Rally to Celebrate the Natural Heterosexual Family” involved LGBTQ protesters, the Portland Proud Boys, and a YouTuber who stopped by to interview all who were involved.

The day before the rally, Rivers of Living Water United Pentecostal Church’s Facebook page explained the event would also stand against abortion. They assured that they would flag wave to celebrate America’s first amendment freedoms. Their post said, “Because the natural heterosexual family is the design of God for mankind and it is under attack spiritually, politically & socially. Satan wants to destroy the natural family & the unborn. Our government is attacking the very foundation of the natural family & the lives of the unborn. Our culture is falling into absolute disregard for the natural family & the unborn. Our children are being fed gender propaganda that is completely anti-natural family. Our 1st Amendment Freedoms are under attack more and more each day.”

A report by Portland, Oregon’s Willamette Week described the scene driving down Pioneer Boulevard in the town of Sandy that Saturday. There was a church rally celebrating the natural heterosexual family on one side of the street and on the other side a party/peaceful protest called “Have a Gay Day” attended by the town’s LGBTQ community.

Rivers of Living Water United Pentecostal Church’s pastor Russell Collier, who has been a pastor for over 20 years, wore a sweatshirt that read “Living Faith in Jesus.” He held an American flag while he prayed and then spoke about biblical sexuality, abortion, and freedom at the rally. Collier was accompanied by members of the Portland Proud Boys. Although the pastor didn’t invite the Proud Boys, he said he “appreciated their support for our right to freedom of speech.”

Collier shared during his speech that the church invited the LGBTQ community to an open discussion with them a month ago and no one showed up. He said no one came “because they hate the light.”

“I believe that the natural family is under attack,” Collier said. The pastor shared that he had a phone conversation with a current family member who is struggling with homosexuality and told him that his purpose isn’t being gay; “it’s your potential, but it’s not your purpose.” He said the young man’s purpose is to grow up and become a husband and father.

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Source: Church Leaders