Richard Land Answers: Should President Biden be Described as a ‘Devout’ Catholic?

Question:  Should President Biden be described as a “devout” Catholic and should he receive communion?

I have decided to rush into territory where angels often fear to tread – commenting on a dispute in another faith tradition that is different than my own.  Let me state for the record that I am not a Roman Catholic.  Since the age of six and a half I have been a member of the Southern Baptist denomination and an ordained Southern Baptist minister since the age of 23.  Clearly, Baptists came out of the left-wing of the Reformation starting in Switzerland in the 16th century (circa 1525).

However, I do believe the question of whether President Biden should describe himself, or be described by others, as a “devout” Catholic when he is such an aggressive pro-abortion proponent is a valid and important one.  An even more important question is whether being such a pro-abortion proponent, he should be denied communion by a priest when he presents himself for communion.

The most recent iteration of this controversy was ignited when Archbishop Joseph Naumann, the Chair of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops Pro-Life Committee issued a statement declaring that President Biden should not describe himself as a “devout” Catholic because of his militant pro-abortion stance and agenda and made it clear that he believed that the President should not receive communion.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Richard Land