Alabama to Allow Residents to Opt Out of Signing ‘So Help Me God’ Oath on Voter Registration Form

The Freedom From Religion Foundation dropped a lawsuit against Alabama after the state gave voters the choice to opt out of the “so help me God” declaration in its voter registration form.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation has voluntarily dropped its federal lawsuit against Alabama after the state amended its voter registration form requiring a religious oath.

Alabama was the only state in the country that required voters to register to vote on a form that required a “so help me God” oath without any secular option to verify statements on the form.

As part of the settlement, Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill has amended the form to allow voters to check a box that says, “OPTIONAL: Because of a sincerely held belief, I decline to include the final four words of the oath above.”

The lead plaintiff, atheist Randall Cragun, tried to register to vote in Alabama starting in November 2019. The Freedom From Religion Foundation said Cragun was told, “There is no legal mechanism to register to vote in AL without signing the oath as it is stated.”

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SOURCE:, Lee Roop