Uncharted Ministries’ New Series ‘I Found the Truth’ Offers Spiritual Answers as Ramadan Begins

Photo courtesy of I Found the Truth

God is moving mightily in the Muslim world, and Ramadan is the perfect time for Him to show up. Each year during this Islamic holy month, Muslims worldwide fast from sunrise to sunset and intently study the Quran. More Ramadan headlines here.

“People [are] searching for the answers, searching for a different life, or searching for a God that will answer your prayers,” Uncharted Ministries’ Josh Doyle says.

“We’re praying that God will show up in dreams, visions, and show Muslims that He is the true Messiah.”

Uncharted just launched Season Two of its I Found the Truth series. Each episode spotlights believers who left Islam to follow Christ. “We had people share their stories; people from all around the world,” Doyle, who spearheads the project, explains.

“[Episodes feature] two brothers from Baghdad, a girl from Jordan; we’ve got a guy from Iran who was involved in the Iranian Revolution.”

Uncharted released the first two episodes of Season Two last week. Watch them here. “What we’re going to do is release two films every two months,” Doyle explains. A few faces may be familiar from Season One.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Katey Hearth


  • As Ramadan begins Tuesday night, pray these videos will serve as a catalyst for Muslims worldwide to find Christ.
  • Pray Muslims seeking truth would cross paths with a believer who can tell them about Jesus.