Give God’s Word to Indonesia’s Kuhin People

Image courtesy of Wycliffe USA.

Translating God’s Word is not a cushy office job with regular hours. Every day presents a new challenge for Indonesian Bible translators, Wycliffe USA’s Melissa Stillman says. “Many of the translation team members have a full-time job. They have family commitments, and they’re working to translate Scripture,” she explains.

“In addition to that, transportation in the area is notoriously difficult.”

Take Kuhin translator Risnawati, for example. “She’s the only leader that lives in a different village, so every time they meet as a team, she has to drive by motorcycle for 30 minutes,” Stillman says.

Indonesia’s geographic location results in excess rainfall and frequent flooding. When the Kuhin team began translating Genesis, Risnawati encountered so many obstacles she almost gave up. Today, Stillman says Risnawati praises God for helping her endure this difficult season.

“Through each of these experiences, she felt His presence and knew that He was always there to give her strength to face it all.”

Most of Indonesia’s Kuhin people follow a religion influenced by the spirit world. There are a few Christians – like the ones on this translation team – but most of the believers have nominal faith. Kuhin Christians don’t have God’s Word in their language, so they often mix faith with Spiritism.

The Bible translation team desperately wants to change this. “They’re very dedicated to seeing God’s Word made available in their language,” Stillman says.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Katey Hearth


  • Pray the Kuhin translation work can progress quickly and efficiently.
  • Pray for inroads for the Gospel as people are introduced to Jesus for the first time.