How a Former Ugandan Street Kid Overcame a ‘Miserable’ Life to Help Give True Hope to At-Risk Children

A street kid turned foster father adopted a 13-year-old boy who was abandoned two years ago at the hospital. fosterdadflipper/Instagram

Foster care advocate Peter Mutabazi was born and raised in Uganda in some truly unimaginable circumstances. He faced intense poverty, abuse and hopelessness, but decades later he is helping transform at-risk kids’ lives and perspectives.

“I didn’t really have a good childhood … most kids who were born would die before the age of 2,” Mutabazi told “Jesus Is All We Need” podcast host Jason Sautel of his upbringing in Uganda. “I was not given a name until I was 2.”

Food was scarce and Mutabazi’s family could never afford to eat two meals a day, consuming either beans or potatoes — but never both. They also had to trek hours to secure clean water.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Billy Hallowell