Breaking News: There’s a Devil Loose: Multiple People Injured in Mass Shooting in Bryan, Texas; Shooter Remains at-large

A manhunt is underway for the person who opened fire at a business park in Bryan, Texas, Thursday afternoon, injuring several people.

Lt. Jason James with the Bryan Police Department said the first call about the shooting came at about 2:30 p.m. at a business on the 300 block of Stone City Drive and that there were “several victims.”

Police have revealed no information about the motive or the shooter, who is believed to be at large. A description of the person has not yet been provided.

While James couldn’t confirm the number of people who had been hurt or their conditions, they did confirm that six ambulances had been called to the scene.

The victims were transported to St. Joseph Health Regional Hospital. There has been no confirmation of any deaths in connection with the shooting.

Bryan police said during an informal news conference Thursday afternoon that the scene of the shooting is secure and that witnesses are currently being interviewed.

Source: NBC