Michael Brown on Loving God With All Our Hearts and All Our Minds

On Tuesday, I had the distinct joy and privilege of recording four TV shows for a new series I’m hosting called That’s Debatable with Dr. Brown. It will air on the new AWKNG TV network, hopefully starting sometime next month.

The debates we recorded covered four different subjects:

— Has the church replaced Israel?

— Are there valid reasons to leave Christianity?

— Does the God of the Bible exist?

— The Quran or the Bible: Which is the Word of God?

The guests included an Anglican vicar, a former charismatic Christian turned agnostic, a former evangelical turned atheist and a Muslim apologist.

Wednesday, I’m scheduled to do four more debates, one with a gay pastor on Jesus and LGBTQ+ people, one with a transgender pastor on affirming trans identities, one with a progressive Christian on abortion and one with a questioning Christian on divine healing.

This means that, aside from one or two of the shows, none of the other guests share my views about Scripture.

For some of them, the Bible is a downright dangerous book. For others, it is a holy book but hardly the Word of God. For others, it is a mixture, with its value determined by human interpretation alone.

The bottom line is that people have questions. Questions about the problem of suffering and evil. Questions about the goodness of God. Questions about faith and unanswered prayers. Questions about the integrity of Scripture. Questions about human existence and purpose. Lots and lots of questions.

And that means that we need to have answers. Solid answers. Answers that will withstand scrutiny and rigorous thought. Answers that are anything but cheap.

Be assured that Almighty God is not put off by our questions!

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SOURCE: Charisma News